Buses for rent

Our company has a selection of modern and technically working means of transportation which can meet the needs of the choosiest clients. It doesn’t matter how big a group is or where you are going. We can offer you especially big and comfortable buses for longer journeys as well as compact minibuses for those who travel in smaller groups.

We take care of our vehicles constantly and ensure that they are working and are clean. By doing so we make sure that our clients will not have any discomfort and will feel good when using the service.

Buses for rent in Vilnius

We are located near Vilnius, but we offer our services in every region as well as outside Lithuania. The “resting” buses are only there because they are being prepared for the clients. You can always come and choose what you want by comparing the vehicles if you find it hard to make a selection online.

We had plenty of big groups who were satisfied with our services. This only proves our words about the quality and customer satisfaction about our services. All of it is complemented by professional and friendly drivers.

We choose every driver carefully and provide them with an opportunity to improve. We give them good vehicles so the services they provide are of a real quality and the highest standards. If you have demands or complaints, let us know and we will make sure to offer you a best possible service which will leave you satisfied.

Are you looking for more than one mean of transportation? We can help because we have a big variety of vehicles for different types of journeys. We will make sure that your journey from or to an airport will go without any problems. You can forget about waiting for a long time after your plane has landed as we will transport you to the destination of your choosing as soon as possible.


Minibuses are perfect for transporting people from or to an airport or for smaller groups of people. This is also a good choice for groups coming to an event from different places (for example, people are coming to a concert from different branches of the company).

Small minibuses are especially good in places that are harder to reach, like old towns. The journey takes less time but the number of people is also not as big compared to a bus. Despite compact our minibuses are comfortable and are made for long and short journeys.


If you are not satisfied with minibuses pick a bus. Big, spacious, and comfortable, provided with necessary equipment, our buses are made to transport even the biggest groups of people anywhere you want.

Buses are made for long journeys. They are driven by impeccable drivers who are professionals at their job. They will make sure that you will reach your destination or have the best possible experience while on an excursion or a trip.

Leave your transportation needs to us and we will make sure you are provided with quality services. Our buses and minibuses will make sure your journey is safe and comfortable. We can provide you with all the information you need since we work to make your life more comfortable!


UAB “Norlenda”
Vilniaus raj., Mokyklos g.7
LT 15174
Tel: +37061625444
Email: info@nlbus.lt
For enquiries in English please contact: erika@nlbus.lt

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